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Prosperity Community Update

During the past few months, we have shared HomeServices of America and Prosperity’s joint commitment to promoting fair and equitable housing in all communities and for all people. We wanted to take this opportunity to give an update on the actions we have recently taken to directly invest in many of the communities we serve. Prosperity has:

•Announced our partnership with Habitat for Humanity of Washington DC to complete fourteen Townhomes in the Randle Highlands neighborhood of Southeast DC. You can read about this partnership here.

•Committed to donating among the following Urban League chapters:

  • Greater Washington Urban League
  • Urban League of Philadelphia
  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta
  • Urban League Twin Cities

•Committed to donating among the following Habitat for Humanity chapters:

  • Philadelphia
  • Twin Cities
  • Dallas
  • Kansas City

•Committed to donating to various HUD-Approved Counseling Agencies and bond programs in the following areas:

  • Nationwide Programs
  • Washington DC Metro
  • Greater Philadelphia Metro
  • Atlanta Metro
  • Minneapolis Metro
  • Jacksonville, FL

Prosperity continues to work to ensure we can offer products and develop programs to help lower the barriers to entry for underserved markets.  In the coming weeks, Prosperity will be launching a new FHA and VA product in eleven test markets. This innovative product features Prosperity absorbing the negative LLPAs associated with lower credit scores if the borrower meets certain criteria.

One of the keys to driving a lasting, impactful change is admitting that Prosperity cannot drive these initiatives alone. As an example, a few weeks ago, we partnered with NAREB to organize an event that brought together leaders from across the housing and finance industry to discuss how we, collectively, can make an impact in increasing homeownership in underserved markets, not one or two years from now, but right now. Prosperity has committed to participate in a three-market test of the initiatives identified, all of which are designed to increase minority homeownership.

Prosperity is committed to acting and not merely talking about the challenges faced in underserved markets. Our commitment is to continue to seek opportunities to leverage resources, time, and talent to make a positive and immediate difference. 

It is through our efforts that we are in a position not only to make the dreams of homeownership for our customers come true, but also to support organizations who share our commitment to fair lending and housing equality.

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